Quicksand.  According to my childhood memories, quicksand was going to be a major problem in my life.  Tarzan wouldn’t lie to me.

I recently watched a movie called 65.  It stars Adam Driver (or three wood?).  It’s about a space traveler who crash-landed on planet earth 65 million years ago.  The movie had everything.  Space travel, dinosaurs getting bogged down in tar pits, a meteor that would end the era of the dinosaurs.  And quicksand.  Adam Threewood’s character was racing to save a young girl’s life and wound-up smack dab in a tiny patch of quicksand.  And just like in Tarzan, he was quickly sucked into the quicksand, never to be seen again (I won’t spoil the movie for you).

I’m really not a curmudgeon, and I usually don’t spoil movies, but that’s not how physics works.  Depending on your body composition, you may sink in up to your chest. 

Hollywood, when are you going to hire a geotechnical engineer who can explain the principles of effective stress and buoyancy?

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